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  • 16th April
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Jullerina Mikaela’s 2nd Birthday Party

This has been making me busy for a month… Preparing for my daughters 2nd Birthday Party! And finally have the chance to post and update my blog:) hehe

It was held on April 8th at the Grand Palace Restaurant. The theme was Dora and don’t make that expression when you see the pictures cuz you’ll be seeing mostly ORANGE.. haha Well, i have to. She likes Dora, What makes a mother satisfy is to see her baby happy.. <3 SO here are some of the pictures :

Dress by Ect Shop & Gown by Edwin Ortiz Alba

Loot Bags <3

Cake by Brooks Cake

Cupcake Toppers - Giggle Waggle Cebu

Four Generations

With great grand father and great grand mother :)

Foods! This is what I hate if you’re a host. You can’t eat a lot! Too busy entertaining guests! haha Now I’m drooling again of these foods! o0

And…with the Birthday Girl <3<3<3 

With the kids! :)

Birthday fun! But that day wasn’t complete.. Boyfie wasn’t able to attend the party :( 

However, I would like to thank all the guests who came. Without you the party wouldn’t be that great! :)

  • 16th March
  • 16

Looking For Something New

Melissa Wedge-Dimmy’s

Necklace-Bubbles Pearl Bangles-Forever21 

Wearing floral tube from Myshop Iheart. Cute! I’ve been looking for an outfit for my lil’ girl’s upcoming birthday! I want something floral/orange/purple/pink. :D Since her birthday theme is Dora..hehehe Any idea where to buy?:) 

  • 15th March
  • 15

Move Like Animal

Warning : Photo Overload.. ^^

Kimono, Tank Top-Myshop Iheart


Rings/Bangles-Primark Pearl Bangles-Forever21 Boots-Cafe Moda 

I love this Leopard print kimono. The sheer cloth that makes me feel free! hehehe Paired it with a yellow tank top to brighten up the whole look and bandage skirt to look more chic.:) 

Here’s my little girl again.. trying to get my bangles. hehehe

Have great night ladies. Laters! <3

  • 14th March
  • 14

Life In Orange

Feel na Feel ko yung hangin! haha Love it! Sumabay sa skirt ko,and that’s exactly what i want! hehehe

Skirt-VoguesApparel Pumps-Primark 

Top-Myshop Iheart 

I will be uploading some Fab pieces on my Shop tonigt @ 7:30 pm.:) Limited stocks only since I want to try something new! hehehe IF most of you might like it,then maybe I’d be selling moreee soon! :)

This top is included on my uploads later :) SEE YAH LOVES! <3

  • 7th March
  • 07

Bull Boxer

Top-Thrifted Belt-H&M  Necklace-Primark

Skirt-Dimmys Shoes-Cafe Moda

Late blog post. Been busy preparing my daughter’s upcoming birthday!:) So many things on my mind.

Gotta end this post now,have to take her pictures for e-card invitations:) 

Laters! <3

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